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When you turn the corner on the approach to Lindos and see the village in all it's glory for the first time, you can't help but gasp in awe at it's beauty! No matter how many times you see this view, it still takes your breath away. This is why it's known as 'Ooh-Ahh' Corner.

The narrow, winding cobblestone streets and pretty whitewashed houses make the village a delight to explore.The ornate wooden doorways and high walls of the traditional houses hide beautiful pebbled courtyards (choklakia), orange and lemon trees and bougainvillea flowers. It has retained it's beauty since ancient times and today it is a World Heritage Site.

The Acropolis of Lindos had Greek, Roman, Byzantine, The Knights of St John and the Ottoman occupation to contend with over the centuries. Some of the key features at the Acropolis are the Doric Temple of Lindia Athina from around 300BC in honour of the Greek goddess Athena. There are also the remains of a Roman temple dedicated to an emperor from around 300AD and an ancient warship carved into the rock at the foot of the Acropolis stairway dating from about 180BC.

As Lindos is situated in a large bay, it is one of the hottest and sunniest parts of Rhodes. You will find 3 beaches to enjoy the sun, sea and sand – the smaller Pallas Beach which is where the boats come in from Rhodes town etc, has a good selection of beach restaurants and it is lovely to sit and watch the sunset from there. The large main beach, which is directly opposite, has many sunbeds and can easily be accessed by a path around the seafront hill. The small church at St Paul's Bay is extremely popular for weddings and also has a nice small beach and good restaurants.

If you like shopping, specialities in Lindos are lovely silver, turquoise or amber jewellery, handmade leather sandals, handbags and lace or ceramics. The Lindian people and businesses make you feel very welcome during your visit.

You can make your Lindos experience as relaxing or busy as you like. At night dine out at a rooftop restaurant under the stars with the floodlit Acropolis in full view, have a quiet drink in a taverna, or visit a nightclub until the small hours and watch the sunrise. You will find taxis from the main square at any time to your destination. Enjoy your Lindos experience.


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The magical ancient village of Lindos has been watched over by the mighty
Acropolis since 550BC. A Temple dedicated to the goddess Athena stands
here and Helios, Titan sun god was said to have been born on the island.

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